I take pride and people call me "Guru".

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Be like a Student

I learn to learning joyfully because being blissful, I can innovate and create.

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Graduation Certificate

I am a witness for a student's education, do not miss me.

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Welcome to GASC

"Education and Educating the youth" is the buzz mantra of our esteemed institute. "Knowledge is Limitless" serving knowledge to overcome boundaries will be our task to enrich and excel every individual.

From our prestigious institution every soul in campus is imparted with wisdom and walk out etiquette at different walks of life. We focus our attention in a manner that our pupil should study something to make livelihood better, but in a manner that they should be highly humanistic, and disciplined in all spheres of life.

We provide fabulous opportunities for students in order to re-orient them in a totally different and constructive style. Education does not mean installment learning and installment forgetting. It should lead us to lead the world. And we, the Qualitative educators are in the process of manufacturing, molding and shaping, one individual to fortune the future.

The Hi-tech co-educational institution Government Arts and Science College is affiliated to Bharathidasan University, Trichy. lt sustains its power in the central part of the city (10 km away from Perambalur city). The calm environment embraced with best grass and multicolored blossoming bushes pacifies the eye and bestows an ideal teaching- learning vibes. Our unique infra-structured college embedded with hi-tech facilities gives preference to discipline.

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You will be able to get quality of education and Goverment Scholarships for your studies.

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